From Outrage to Action

July 4thOUTRAGED. That’s how most of us reacted over the Independence Day holiday, as many of our so-called “public servants” in Springfield betrayed the citizens of Illinois once AGAIN. In addition to outrage, many of us felt genuine fear: How much more will this cost me? What else will I have to cut from my budget, which is already so tight?! How are we going to make it? Like so many others, should I sell my home and flee the state? But where will I go? My children (and grandchildren) are here! I was born and raised here! I don’t WANT to have to split up my family and leave! WHY should OUR lives be destroyed because of wicked, evil and corrupt politicians??!!

I don’t know about you, but as these thoughts raced through my mind, my fear was soon replaced by white-hot anger, and determination. I will NOT allow them to divide me from my loved ones! I will NOT allow them to force me to flee my home! I will NOT allow this darkness, this evil to overtake every inch of this state. The famous quote from Edmund Burke kept coming back to me, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing.” It appears that the people of Illinois are reaping the bitter harvest of too many for too long doing too little. And I was reminded: you can’t run away from evil. That darkness will follow you wherever you go, because our lives here on earth are a constant battle of good vs. evil. When confronted by evil, you must stand up to it, you must stand against it, because if you don’t defeat it, sooner or later it will catch up to you and overtake you.

That, my friends, is why we must go “From Outrage to Action.” Serious conservatives, who are fed up and refuse to allow evil to force them from their homes, divide their families, and overtake them, are going to gather together to FIGHT. Yes, those of us who have been fighting for years are weary. That’s why we join together in this fight. When one is weary, the others help hold up his shield and his sword. And when he has rallied, he does the same for another.

Registration for the conference, “Strategy 2017: From Outrage to Action” is NOW LIVE—Click on “Registration” at top right on this page.

This is NOT a “conservative pep rally”—it’s a “roll up your sleeves, put new tools in your toolbox, and let’s get to work” event. Thank you for staying in the fight.

To reach us, email
or call us at 630-830-0653.

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