A conference for conservative grassroots activists is taking place on Friday afternoon, August 18 and Saturday, August 19.  This conference is NOT a “conservative pep rally”! While those are fun and they help to motivate us, this event will be different. This will be a “roll up your sleeves, let’s get to work; let’s fill our toolboxes with useful tools and learn how to use them” kind of event. This is a serious conference for serious reformers, BUT we’ll have fun while we’re learning. Conference focus:

ELECTION INTEGRITY – Catherine Engelbrecht, Founder of True the Vote (see video below) will be our keynote speaker. At this conference, we will form and train dedicated teams from all across Illinois to clean up our voter rolls; train Election Judges in techniques to STOP fraudulent voting in the polling place BEFORE it happens; form a legislative team to draft and lobby hard for a voter ID law that will withstand every court challenge!

CANDIDATE/CAMPAIGN TRAINING – nationally-known organizations which train candidates – and whose graduates go on to WIN their elections – will lead training for grassroots activists who are considering a run for office and those who want to be part of a winning campaign team. Too often, our good conservative candidates waste valuable time and money figuring out HOW run their campaigns, while the establishment candidates hit the ground running and win. Don’t be left in the dust! Give your campaign a fighting chance by learning from the experts, before signature gathering on petitions begins for the 2018 Primaries.

GRASSROOTS COALITION-BUILDING – Refer to the illustration at the top of this page. Sadly, that first image is what often happens to our conservative grassroots efforts here in Illinois – we get eaten alive. BUT, as in the second image, if we organize we can be powerful. The goal is NOT to supplant independent local groups of activists, but to build a network between us. At the conference, we’ll help to connect activists and groups in various sectors of the state. We all know there is power in numbers. We must take back our rightful power.

IF YOU WANT TO HELP US – FIRST, plan to attend the conference. Details to come soon. Yes, it will cost some money, but this is NOT being done for profit, so the cost will be kept as low as possible. We want people who are willing to devote time and resources to save our state. SECOND, if you can help with planning and implementation, WE NEED YOU. No one can do it all, but EVERYONE can do SOMETHING to help. Contact the team leader in one of these areas that interest you:

• Election Integrity – Team Leader Claire Van Horn
• Candidate training/campaign training – Team Leader James Marter 630-269-3503 OR email
Team Member Linda Iverson 847-431-0989
• Logistics – (Where, when, how to pay for a late summer conference, how much needed, who will attend, what to charge attendees, etc?) –
Team Leader Jane Carrell
• Conservative Coalition-Building – Team Leader Carol Davis
• Sponsorship – We need sponsors to step up to help defray the cost of this event, so all of the good, hardworking grassroots activists can afford to attend. If you have the means, please step up. ICU= Illinois Conservatives United, but ICU is also an acronym for Intensive Care Unit. The patient, the once-great state of Illinois, is on life support. It’s time for all-hands-on-deck to save her.

Catherine Englebrecht, Founder of True the Vote, statement on election integrity. This was published on Oct 27, 2016, about a month prior to Trump being elected.

C.L. Bryant Addresses Milwaukee Black Conservative People

General questions:
Call Carol at 630-830-0653 or email

Donations welcomed and gratefully accepted. Donations can be acknowledged or anonymous—just let us know which you prefer. Make checks payable to West Suburban Patriots, and please note “ICU conference” on your check.
Mailing address:
West Suburban Patriots
P.O. Box 88341
Carol Stream, IL 60188-8341

West Suburban Patriots is organized as a not-for-profit 501(c)(4), non-partisan, State of Illinois Certified Bona Fide State Civic Organization. Contributions to West Suburban Patriots, Inc. are not deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.



2 thoughts on “Organize”

  1. I only read today your invitation and email, Thurs Aug 17, regarding the Conservative 2 day (this Friday 18th and Sat 19th) in Elmhurst, IL. Unfortunately, I am not able to attend either day. But I am with you on the total cancellation of Obama Care, that the “Conservation majority in Congress” lied in their with for the repeal of this terrible money grabbing “so called Obama Care!”
    I am a bit old to be running around our state in any extensive activity to support our desire to over turn O B for the nation.
    So if there is something that I can help from home, perhaps I would be able to participate in our endeavor. BBD

    1. BBD, thank you for your willingness to keep fighting! Sorry you can’t join us for the conference, but we do plan to keep organizing for reform. We appreciate your offer to help from home, and I’m sure there will be actions you can take in that capacity. It may be a couple of weeks before we evaluate the results of the conference and move forward with plans, but we’ll keep you posted.

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